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                  96. 第96課:pick-me-up; lay off
                  95. 第95課:jack; kaput
                  94. 第94課:on the fritz; to hog
                  93. 第93期:to horse around; jump the gun
                  92. 第92課:dude; chick
                  91. 第91課:without a hitch; chow down
                  90. 第90課:to buy something; to be sold on something
                  89. 第89課:threads; load up sth.
                  88. 第88課:snap; spaced out
                  87. 第87課:neat freak; crash
                  86. 第86課:hang in there; to be stressed out
                  85. 第85課:live it up; Yeah right
                  84. 第84課:to stick around; guilt trip
                  83. 第83課:shoot; shot
                  82. 第82課:bail; call it quits
                  81. 第81課:zip; drama queen
                  80. 第80課:to kick oneself; raw deal
                  79. 第79課:down with that; to pay through the nose
                  78. 第78課:have a cow和pack rat
                  77. 第77課:critter; mug
                  76. 第76課:out of it; gung ho
                  75. 第75課:beats me; to be in a bind
                  74. 第74課:to slack off; peon
                  73. 第73課:to be on crack; to get the hang of something
                  72. 第72課:a drag; to start from scratch
                  71. 第71課:shades; to get turned down
                  70. 第70課:to jinx; come off it
                  69. 第69課:catch a flick; have no business doing sth.
                  68. 第68課:gee; oh well
                  67. 第67課:out of line; trash sth.
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